Fitness, martial arts and netball/basketball training online

Years 3-9 students have been keeping their bodies moving each week with live sport lessons hosted by the sports department. These sessions combine fitness, martial arts and an optional netball or basketball component. In the comfort of their own home, minimal equipment is required. Students use their own body weight to go through a series …

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Honing Executive Function skills in the ELC

In the ELC, children are explicitly taught executive functions as part of our play based SOWATT program. Experiences vary for each year level, with each educator intentionally embedding skill acquisition into everyday routines, practices and experiences. Bike riding is currently an ideal way to exercise and practise social distancing. This skill is being encouraged with …

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Sport training resumes!

Students have been extremely keen to engage in physical competition post lock-down. In the Senior School students took to the field for some soccer training or enjoyed either netball or basketball workouts. The table tennis tables provided great competition for other students . The gym was also well utilised as students began to replenish lost …

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Growing our own vegetables in our Kibbutz garden

Towards the end of Term 2, our annual Jerusalem Artichoke harvest in the Kibbutz took place. These were planted many months ago and they grow underground, making them very difficult to find. The only clue the students have was to find a tall brown stem which looks dead. The Junior School students absolutely loved the artichoke hunt and they found an enormous number of ready to eat artichokes.