Principal's Welcome

Bruchim Habaim and welcome to The King David School.

Our School offers the finest education, equipping our students with the key attributes, skills and knowledge to thrive in the world that they will graduate into. This is achieved in a warm and caring environment in which each student is cherished and recognised for who they are. We focus on fostering our students’ self-confidence and emotional intelligence, supporting them to strive for excellence and use their achievements to create a better world around them.

Our students are immersed in joyous Jewish Life experiences which are delivered in a non-judgmental manner, fully acknowledging, and indeed celebrating, the diversity which is so fundamental to our School community. When you enrol your child at King David, you don’t just join a school, rather, you become part of a thriving community. I urge you to give your child the greatest gift of all – the blessing of a King David education.

Marc Light

Principal's Blog

Each week our Principal, Marc Light shares his insights into current events and educational pedagogy, highlighting how these inform the educational programs and culture at The King David School.

Insights – a lifelong love affair with reading

Holding pride of place in my office is an artwork that a kindergarten class produced for me a few years ago after I read the children one of my favourite childhood picture books. It is a collage of Baby Elephant who is the protagonist of the book, “The Elephant with

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Expression of compassion and care

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic there was a popular video that was shared on social media imagining a woman travelling back in time to January to warn herself of what was to come. If we were similarly able to warn ourselves, one could only imagine the disbelief that we would

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Learning to navigate the new “normal”

The news of the renewed lockdown and the return to distance learning was very disheartening. While I tend to be unfailingly optimistic I must admit that listening to the Premier’s news conference announcing the reimposition of these measures resulted in a very brief tantrum! We all draw energy and positivity

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Successfully navigating uncharted territories

As we draw to the conclusion of Term 2 it is apt to reflect on what has arguably been the strangest term in memory. This term, we have been tested in very different ways and have faced the uncertainty of life in a pandemic, the extended distance learning period and

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A flourishing student wellbeing model

The King David School was recently announced as a finalist in the Australian Education Awards for our outstanding student wellbeing program. While we will have to wait until the awards ceremony to find out if we will be crowned as the winner, being shortlisted is welcome recognition of a vital

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Positive mindsets and resilience

I have made it clear many times in my communications with you throughout the period of the COVID 19 pandemic just how incredibly proud I have been of our students who have risen to the challenge and coped with significant adversity with courage, resilience, patience and good humour. I am

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This too shall pass

I recently read a great tweet by American comedian, Alyssa Limperis, which simply stated, “Crazy how Monday was 4 years ago”. Like much good comedy, the art here is catching and expressing the collective mood. It really does feel like the volatility, uncertainty and pace of constant updates is leading

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The revolution in global education

At a professional development session I once attended, the presenter showed an approximately 100 year-old photo of a room and asked the audience to guess what it was. The room was reminiscent of a university lecture space. It had tiered wooden bench seating and what appeared to be a teaching

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Meaningful opportunities to engage

The start of Term 2 is ordinarily an extremely busy time when we find ourselves moving from ceremony to ceremony to commemorate the yomim – Yom HaShoah, Anzac Day, Yom Hazikaron and then Yom Ha’atzmaut. While the circumstances are radically different, this year is no exception. Providing meaningful opportunities to

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Innovation and creativity in education

Winston Churchill is credited with the famous quote, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” This week, when observing the many varied, rich and meaningful learning opportunities undertaken across the School, I was struck by how our educators have innovated so effectively in order to maintain a sense of

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Memorialising important events

An oddity of Classical Hebrew is the lack of a word for the term “history”. While contemporary Hebrew appropriates the European word, Classical Hebrew utilised the term “zikaron” or memory, as an approximation of the concept. I say approximation because the notions of memory and history are conceptually very different.

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COVID 19 may positively transform education

During the COVID 19 crisis we have relied heavily on video conferencing technologies to maintain education, work and social connections. In a recent Zoom meet which included participants from around Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the USA, I was struck by just how incredible it

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