School Council

The School Council is the governing body of The King David School. The Principal is responsible for the implementation of educational philosophy and policy as discussed and approved by the Council.
The Council has overall responsibility for policy and effective management of all aspects of the School, including careful financial and strategic planning. Many of those who serve on the School Council are parents, as well as professional business people who invest much of their personal time in the welfare of the School.

School Council members also lead various sub-committees, made up of interested parents and community members with specific areas of expertise. The group of current sub-committees comprises Finance, Security, Property and and Building and Nominations among others. School Council encourages anyone who is interested in being part of a sub-committee to email the Council President on

Meet our School Council

Lahra Carey


As the Principal of Lahra Carey Media & Communications – a full-service public relations and reputational management consultancy, Lahra’s expertise is crafting appropriate messages to reach specific target audiences.

Rochelle Rothfield

Vice President

Rochelle is the Director of a successful legal executive search company, Rothfield Legal Recruitment. Rochelle works closely with law firms and organisations across Melbourne to appoint senior Lawyers.

Michael Benson

Hon. Treasurer

Michael is the CEO of CSBC P/L and Clear Edge Offices P/L,  a Serviced Office and Coworking group based in Melbourne.  Prior to joining CSBC P/L Michael was a member of the local executive of Regus and the  CFO of Corporate Executive Offices.

Marc Light


Marc started his role as Principal of The King David School in 2014.

Marc holds a Bachelor of Laws/Arts as well as a Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Melbourne.

Mark Harrison

Immediate Past President

Mark is the Joint Managing Director – Property, at Melbourne based investment and advisory firm, Wingate Group.

Carrie Kausman

KDSPA President

Carrie is an alumna of the School having attended in the early years for her primary schooling.  She completed her medical degree at Monash University in 1997. 

Jason Arnheim

Jason is currently General Counsel of Orora Australasia, the Australian and New Zealand operating entity of ASX listed global packaging company, Orora Limited.

Adam Kaye

Originally trained as a banking and property lawyer with Melbourne-based law firms SW Lawyers and Thomson Geer Solicitors, Adam is currently principal and founder of boutique real estate investment and advisory firm IDA Property Group.

Rabbi Gersh Lazarow

Gersh Lazarow is Senior Rabbi of Temple Beth Israel, our founding Synagogue and the institution that prides itself as being the driving force behind the establishment of The King David School.

Jeffrey Leigh

Jeffrey joined the Council in 2020 and has degrees in both law and economics.  He has nearly 30 years of experience as a solicitor. For the last 20 years Jeffrey has worked in an in house role – with 15 of those years being in the position of Corporate Counsel for the Quest Serviced Apartment Group. 

Peter Levi

Peter and his family have been associated with the School since 1985, when Mark, the first of his and Jenny’s sons started in Junior Kinder. Jonny followed four years later.

Rick Tudor OAM

After 15 years, Rick retired as Headmaster of Trinity Grammar School, Kew in December 2013. Previously he was Deputy Headmaster and Head of Senior School of Melbourne Grammar School, and Headmaster of Beaconhills College for eight years.

Strategic Framework

In 2013, School Council conducted extensive community surveys with an independent consultant.

After analysing the results of this research utilising strategic workshops and consultations, the School Council released this “Strategic Framework” document.

This document articulates what School Council believes The King David School stands for and outlines the School’s vision and purpose for being. The document provides a deliberate and strategic reference by which operational decisions are determined and implemented.

Our Principal, Marc Light and the Senior Leadership Team now implement the Operational Plan that ties in to this Strategic Framework. The Leadership Team continues the important work of delivering on each of the five key pillars identified by School Council in this document.

Proposed new governance arrangements – constitutional changes

The King David School Council has completed a substantive review of its governance structure over the past several years. This was largely as a result of Council wanting a modern and functional constitution, to ensure that the School implements best practice corporate governance and to protect the interests of all stakeholders.

Over the past 40 years the School has grown substantially and Council recognised that the current governing arrangements (largely through an unincorporated association) are outdated and does not fit where the School is at in 2020 and beyond. Council recognised the importance of modernising the governance structure and enshrining in the constitution the fundamental principles and objectives of the School that have been set and refined by stakeholders over the last 40 years.

Accordingly, Council has recently adopted a draft new constitution that it will seek to implement this year through the sponsorship of a resolution to adopt at an upcoming extraordinary general meeting (‘EGM’). 

The proposed draft constitution is designed to:

  • ensure that the School has a modern constitution;
  • ensure that the activities of the School are contained within a corporation (rather than an unincorporated association);
  • enshrine into the constitution that the School is based upon the values of Progressive Judaism;
  • have a limited number of members (up to 18) that will vote on the composition of Council and any future amendment of the constitution.

The proposed 18 members are:

  • the Directors as Members of Council (up to 12);
  • two individuals who shall be members of eligible members of PJV appointed by the Council (2);
  • three individuals (one of which must be a PJV member) who shall be parents jointly appointed by the President and the Principal after consultation with The King David School Parents’ Association (‘TKDSPA’) (3); and
  • one individual who shall be a graduate of the School appointed by the President and the Principal after consultation with TKDSPA (1).

Council is of the view that the draft new constitution will protect the interests of key stakeholders and allow the School to continue to develop and grow, whilst retaining the important founding principles and objectives that guide the School. I shall keep you informed of the progress of adopting the new constitution and invite you to attend the EGM at which the draft new constitution will form part of a resolution to adopt. Given the current COVID-19 restrictions on indoor meetings, the timing of the EGM is to be advised.

Rod Kenning
Chief Operating Officer