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Characters in 13 the musical are in formation around the two lead characters - a jock and a regular boy.

We’re all 13!

There was no shortage of talent as our audience delighted in watching our Senior School musical, ’13’ as Evan Goldman (aka our mesmerising Year 11 student Jules S) mastered the complex social circles of his new school as his Bar

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Principal Marc Light joins a ELC Seder where the children are dressed as frogs, slaves and princesses - acting the story of Pesach.

Celebrating Pesach in our ELC

At our Early Learning Centre, the children are clearly very ready to participate in their family Pesach Seders. This week our Junior and Senior Kinder students showcased their Jewish learning to their adoring families during model s’darim, replete with songs,

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Six Prep students join Rabbi Yossi making matzah for Pesach. They are wearing white chefs hats with their school uniform.

Our little Matzah makers

Across the Junior School the sounds of Pesach are in the air as children explore, sing and act their way through the Haggadah. On Seder night we will position ourselves in the footsteps of our ancestors, retelling the story of yitziat

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A Year 7 student is wearing a black wet suit and holding a blue body board. The student is standing in the ankle-deep sea, they have just been riding the waves.

Surfs Up at Year 7 Camp

Our Year 7 students had an excellent time camping at Anglesea.Here are two student reflections: “In the last week of March, we went to surf camp. I loved surf camp because it was near the shore and we got to

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Children dressed in costume as Where's Wally, a Cowgirl, a Pirate and a Cheerleader in shorts smile at the camera. They are celebrating Purim.

A Wonderful Purim

What an amazing day of Purim celebrations! The school was a whirl of colour, costumes, and music as we celebrated the bravery of Esther and the triumph over Haman (booo!). We had a incredible day of activities and food, including

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Director of Jewish Life and Learning Iln Bloch leads Sh'ma for the hostages

Sh’ma for the hostages

As Jews around the world marked the Fast of Esther, students and staff at Magid Campus remembered the 19 female hostages and 115 male and child hostages still in captivity. Director of Jewish Life and Learning, Ilan Bloch said today

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Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah, Member for Higgins, with Principal Marc Light, Director of the ELC Marina, and teacher Amy, play with children at a table. They are celebrating the official opening of Gan Chitah, the new ELC room.

Gan Chitah officially opened

We were delighted to welcome Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah MP, Member for Higgins, to officially open our Gan Chitah room at our Early Learning Centre this week. Chitah (wheat) is the seventh ELC room to be named after the seven species

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A Prep student holds a sign with his name in Hebrew. It is decorated with colourful stickers.

Preps explore identity through Hebrew

This term our Prep students embarked on an enriching Hebrew journey with the introduction of the “Hashem Sheli – My Name” unit. Designed to foster a deeper connection to Hebrew names and Jewish identity. Through various engaging activities, students connected

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A boy with red hair and a yellow t-shirt plays mini-golf on a shark-themed putting green. He is pictured side on.

An amazing inaugural family fun day

What a fun day! Our inaugural KDSPA Fun Day held at Caulfield Park Bowling Club on the weekend was filled with family, fun, friends and fantastic activities. Thanks to all who came along and contributed to its success. A special

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Two students look at the camera smiling. The text reads DAV Debating success in gold on navy blue background.

All three DAV teams win their rounds

On Wednesday, students in Years 10 to 12 participated in Round 1 of the DAV Debating’s Schools Competition. The students demonstrated dedication as they prepared and rehearsed their speeches. They presented outstanding speeches and excellent teamwork. The A Grade (Years

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An ELC student in a high-vis vest and a hat plays with a Tee Pee made of sticks. He is at the Urban Forst Bush Kinder with his Gan Rimon KDS class.

Gan Rimon explore the Urban Forest

On Thursday there was a buzz of energy in the Gan Rimon classroom. The children gathered to read ‘A Walk in the Bush’ by Gwyn Perkins. We discussed the many different types of animals that we might see when in

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Two Year 5 students are wearing blue Space overalls, as though they work at an International Space Centre. They are wearing headsets and sitting in front of computers at the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC)

Year 5 Blast Off!

This week, Year 5 blasted off to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) to further their exploration of our solar system. After an early start and a bus trip to Strathmore, Year 5 participated in a range of amazing

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Former Ambassador visits King David

This week the King Davd community were fortunate to hear from Dave Sharma, former Ambassador to Israel and current Senator for NSW. Senator Sharma answered questions posed by Dr Katie Allen, as well as from attendees. Sharma shared his views

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Prep teachers are at the front of the hall, presenting to parents of Prep children about how they can help their children learn how to read.

Parents partner in the learning to read process

This week our Prep parents attended our annual Prep Reading education evening where they were given practical evidence-based advice about helping their children learn how to read in partnership with our teachers. Prep teachers Rebecca Rudstein and Bec Fiala explained how

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Year 3 students receive their Siddur at a special ceremony. They are wearing school uniform and singing and looking at their Siddurim

Year 3 students receive their special Siddur

On Tuesday, our Year 3 students and families gathered for a meaningful and special Kabbalat Siddur ceremony. This was the first time the students officially received and used their Years 3-5 siddur which they had previously taken home to decorate

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Negev House triumps in thrilling Gala

Negev House emerged victorious in the annual KDS House Swimming Gala, showcasing exceptional house spirit and teamwork. It was great to see so many students completing the 25m races, 50m races and the novelty events.  Well done to Year 6

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Year 12 students are on the bimah for the 2024 Back to School Service at TBI syngagogue. They are wearing school uniform. One girl is wearing a tallit.

Our Beautiful Back to School Service

Our Middle and Senior School students participated in a beautiful Back to School Service yesterday, run by our Jewish Life Va’ad (Year 12 student committee). This year’s theme was based on the lesson taken from the film ‘Inside Out’, which helps

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Uncle William Pepper is conducting a Smoking Ceremony to mark the start of the 2024 school year. There is smoke coming from a fire of gum leaves. Students walk past and through the smoke.

2024 is off to a flying start!

We had a phenomenal day yesterday welcoming students to King David – both returning students and those who are brand new. As they entered the school, students were greeted with music and ruach. We marked the start of the year

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Junior Kinder students are celebrating their end-of-year Shabbat. They are holding challah and smiling near grape juice and Shabbat candles

Junior Kinder End-of-year Kabbalat Shabbat

In celebration of a year of incredible learning and personal development, our Junior Kinder children hosted a Kabbalat Shabbat today with loved ones, where Shabbat songs and age-old rituals were performed. In acknowledgement of Chanukah, a candle was lit and

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The Class of 2023 is standing on stage, they are celebrating themselves and our Year 6-11 students at Presentation Evening. They are wearing graduation gowns.

2023 Presentation Evening

Last night we came together to celebrate the achievements of our Years 6-12 students this year. It was a magnificent evening, althought it was bittersweet to say goodbye to the Class of 2023.  As well as honouring our students, awards

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Senior Kinder students are singing at their end of year celebration. They are wearing colourful paper hats.

Celebrating our Senior Kinder students

In celebration of all the learning and personal growth our Senior Kinder children have achieved this year, a family celebration was planned at the children’s beloved Bush Kinder location, Urban Forest Reserve, earlier this week. However, a rainy day meant

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A group of Year 2 students are singing in Hebrew at the Prep-Year 3 Hebrew Assembly and T'filah. They are wearing school uniform.

Prep to Year 3 showcase Hebrew

Throughout the past year, the Junior School has been immersed in the excitement and busyness of studying Hebrew. In the final term, students from Prep to Year 3 collaboratively engaged in active practice for a special performance featured during Monday’s

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ELC students have their back to the camera. They are reaching up and touching an interactive Science exhibit with levers.

Science comes alive for Gan Seorah

Our visit to Science Works this week was amazing and we had so much fun! When we arrived we went to the sports exhibition, where we delved into a variety of sports, immersing ourselves into each sport. We then went

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Three Year 6 students are dressed as their chosen historical leaders. They are resenting information about the leaders.

Year 6 Changemakers – Living Museum

In a burst of enthusiasm and creativity, on Tuesday night our Year 6 students dazzled us with their ‘Changemakers Living Museum’ evening as part of our Human Rights and Activist unit. Picture this: an event brimming with vibrant energy, where

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Three smiling computing students pose with their machine learning tool 'Spot O' which helps people locate lost items.

Innovative solutions to real-world problems

On Monday we were fortunate enough to experience the next wave of technological innovation, viewing projects by our Units 1&2 Applied Computing students. Working in small teams to identify and analyse a problem, our students designed and developed an innovative

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Three smiling women stand in front of boxes of stationery collected by King David students as they arrive in Israel.

Our stationery lands in Israel

The stationery we collected for displaced families in the Arava has arrived! Coordinator of the drive, teacher Shiri Peres, shared this message with us: Dear King David community, Our hearts are bursting with pride and joy as we pack your

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Year 4 students are in a red canoe and a green on the Yarra river.

Year 4 challenge themselves on camp

On a sunny Monday morning 41 bright eyed Year 4 students gathered at school with their huge bags, ready to embark on an adventure. What an adventure it was!  After three train rides, including Puffing Billy with its steam engine

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A glorious day for Athletics

Monday was a beautiful day for our Junior School Inter-House Athletics Carnival. It was wonderful to see the students’ excitement, especially from our Preppies who were participating for the first time! Relays encouraged our students to work together as a

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Two Middle School students hold up new stationery that students have collected for displaced families in Israel.

Our successful Stationery Drive for Israel

Thank you to everyone who has generously donated stationery supplies that will be shipped to children, families and educators in the Arava Council region to assist with supporting evacuees from the southern region. By doing so, you have made a

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Year 4 students drop an egg off the balcony of the mansion at our Dandenong Rd campus. They are learning about forces.

The great Year 4 Egg Drop

This week our Year 4 students conducted an egg drop experiment and it was a complete hit!  Using their knowledge of competing forces, including gravity and air resistance, their task was to use a range of materials to build a

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Year 7 students stand behind piles of cupcakes and biscuits ready to be sold to student to raise money for Israel.

Baking for Israel

The Year 7 cohort decided to hold a bake sale to raise money for Israel. This took place at the back of the mansion on Friday, 27 October 2023.  A setup team consisting of a small group of enthusiastic year

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Five students are smiling at the camera. They are standing behind their model of a future sustainable city called Sea City.

Developing brilliant future cities

hroughout this semester of Year 7 Humanities, students worked very hard tackling the difficult problem of climate change and how our cities can be designed to sustainably manage the needs of a growing population while reducing our carbon footprint. In

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A group of Tourism students are sitting on the Puffing Billy train, they are smiling and waving. They have been investigating sustainable tourism.

Puffing Billy and sustainable tourism

Last Friday the Year 11 Geography class made their way to Belgrave and visited Puffing Billy as a part of their case study on sustainable tourism. They spent the morning with Education Officer Peta Howard and Marketing Executive Ashley Woodrow

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Our letters have reached the IDF

We have been holding letter writing sessions in the J-Life space where students can write to IDF soldiers and/or to the residents of the communities near Gaza. These letters show our love and support for the people of Israel. We

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A Shabbat table is set with Challah and candles and plates ready for Shabbat dinner but there are no people at the table.

Bring them home

We have set up an empty Shabbat table at the Magid campus.  This Shabbat table has been constructed as a reminder of the more than 200 hostages currently being held in Gaza by Hamas. We leave the seats empty as

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Our incredible Year 12 students

Today was our Year 12 students’ last day at school before preparing for their upcoming VCE Exams. The Class of 2023 is a selfless, respectful cohort of young people who have been outstanding role models for all King David students.

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Tkasim for Israel

This morning we held a special tekes at both campuses in support of Israel. Our ELC and Junior School students wore blue and white, and sung songs showing our love for Israel. At our Magid campus we held a Shabbat

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Students look at the camera, smiling. They are behind a table filled with second hand clothes. They are at a ReGen Market to promote sustainability.

Regen Week!

Regen Week comes back with a bang for its second year with creative and fun activities to raise awareness and celebrate sustainability, all led by a passionate group of Year 11 students. Regen Week is one full week of exciting

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A rich cultural heritage

It was a joyous day today in Gan Zayit (Junior Kinder) as children learned the meaning of Simchat Torah, examined a mini Torah scroll and proudly waved their handmade flags. Chag Sameach! RETURN TO SCHOOL NEWS

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Celebrating Sukkot together

As Term 4 has begun, we find ourselves full of happiness and joy in our festival, v’samachta b’chagechah. Returning to school during Chol haMoed Sukkot (the interim ‘regular’ days of the chag) students have been experiencing and exploring the mitzvot

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Our annual Spring Concert delights

What a thrill to be part of this week’s annual Spring Concert, this year showcasing musical talents of students in various choral and musical ensembles from Years 1 to 12. The Percussion Ensemble gave a dramatic introduction to the performances

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A happy and sweet New Year

Excitement was buzzzzzing in the Junior School from the moment the Year 2 students blew their shofarot in the Prep – Year 5 classrooms in the morning. The annual Rosh HaShanah Festival ensured every student was involved in engaging hands-on

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Arendelle comes to Orrong Rd

Our Years 6-9 students shone as they brought the iconic movie, Frozen, to life this week with their performances of Frozen Jr., the musical. This had one of the biggest casts in KDS’s history. We were happily taken to Arendelle

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Year 1 Beit Knesset visit

As part of our Beit Knesset (Synagogue/Shule/Temple/Congregation) unit, the Year 1 students went to visit TBI and St Kilda Shule. Students had a chance to consolidate their learning and make a connection to what was discussed during our Jewish Studies

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Gan Seorah visits Emmy Monash

This week Gan Seorah embarked on a heartwarming visit to Emmy Monash, spreading joy and connection across generations. Their visit was timed with upcoming Rosh HaShanah. Please see some images from the visit here. The children engaged in a variety

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Year 5 write a book in a day

Ghost-like slugs inhabiting the moon, emotional journeys of healing broken hearts and an intriguing title, Switch Back, were just some of the ideas that materialised in the ‘Write a Book in a Day’ event. On Tuesday 22 August, Year 5

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BDPSSA Athletics Champions!

Just when we thought the sporting year couldn’t get better for our students in Years 4-6, it did! Our students have been crowned champions in softball, soccer and football and, after an amazing performance at the athletics track this week,

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Science Week at our ELC

This week is National Science Week where we got the opportunity to celebrate science and technology and encourage the children to become fascinated by the world we live in. Children are naturally equipped to learn through observation and investigations.  Developmentally,

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Year 5 camp adventure

On Year 5 camp we did some amazing things and I am going to share with you one of my favorite activities that we did! We were at Sunnystones camp with the whole grade, our amazing teachers plus Michelle, one

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