A Prep student holds a sign with his name in Hebrew. It is decorated with colourful stickers.

Preps explore identity through Hebrew

This term our Prep students embarked on an enriching Hebrew journey with the introduction of the “Hashem Sheli – My Name” unit. Designed to foster a deeper connection to Hebrew names and Jewish identity.

Through various engaging activities, students connected to their Hebrew names while improving their language skills. 

One of the highlights of this unit is the diverse range of activities from intricate sticker use to precise tracing exercises, students refine their fine motor skills while immersing themselves in the activities. Students channel their creativity into practical applications, crafting personalized name tags for their school bags and decorative signs for their bedroom doors. These tangible expressions of identity serve as constant reminders of the importance of their Hebrew names in shaping their sense of self.

As the unit progresses, students are gradually encouraged to write their names independently, a milestone that symbolises their growing proficiency in Hebrew. Moving beyond the confines of name cards, they embark on a journey towards fluency and confidence in letter formation.

Prep Hebrew Team,

Vered S., Ravit E. and Shiri P.