Early Learning Centre

Learn through play

Our ELC programs are play based as we recognise the importance of play in children’s learning. Our curriculum is guided by the children’s curiosity and ideas, and developed in consultation with families and the community. We believe the children learn through collaboration and communication with other children and adults, and through interactions in the environment. Active learning through play is facilitated through the provision of a range of opportunities, environments and experiences built thoughtfully around the individual strengths and interests of each child.

Jewish Life

Jewish Life permeates the ELC as we move to the rhythm of the Jewish calendar. We understand that our families have varied Jewish backgrounds and so we focus on providing joyful Jewish experiences through stories, songs, dancing and craft, to enrich our celebrations of Shabbat and the festivals. Children are taught Hebrew through fun and interactive mat time sessions. We invite families to celebrate major festivals with us and join with the Junior School for special celebrations.

Executive Functions

The ELC uses the SOWATT framework created by Russell Kaplan and Rosalyn Muir to intentionally develop critical executive function skills in students, supporting them to be successful in school and beyond. The six executive functions that make up the SOWATT framework are: Self-regulation, Organisation, Working memory, Attention, Thinking flexibly and Thinking about thinking. We recognise the importance of strengthening these skills in the early years.

To know and understand each child

We work in partnership with families as we recognise the role of parents as the first and most influential educators in a child's life. To this end we offer opportunities to meet with families before and during their time at the ELC. With part time and full time options available, the program aims to meet the learning and social goals for each child as we employ creative methods to engage and inspire every individual in our care. We also offer a range of Parent Education Sessions throughout the year on a variety of topics relevant to the early years.