Jackie Ellis

Students look at the camera, smiling. They are behind a table filled with second hand clothes. They are at a ReGen Market to promote sustainability.

Regen Week!

Regen Week comes back with a bang for its second year with creative and fun activities to raise awareness and celebrate sustainability, all led by a passionate group of Year 11 students. Regen Week is one full week of exciting and relevant activities to show how we can make small adjustments in our lives or

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Animals galore in Junior Kinder!

Our Junior Kinders have been exploring Australian animals, learning about their natural environments, the food they eat and their attributes such as similarities and differences. Guided discussions with Early Childhood Educators, books, puzzles, paintings and interactive play areas inspire our children to connect with their learning. The children enjoyed an educational incursion Animals Galore this

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Our VCE students learn first hand about fitness testing

METS Performance Consulting, an elite Sports Science organization, came to work with our Unit 3&4 PE students on Monday this week. The fitness testing included a combination of fitness tests specific to the VCAA curriculum, using technical light gates and force plates. Students were tested on their anaerobic capacity with a Wingate cycle test, aerobic

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