Jackie Ellis

Chag Shavuot Sameach!

Shavuot (meaning ‘weeks’) was known as one of the pilgrimage festivals, on which people brought their spring offering (‘bikkurim’) to Beit HaMikdash in Yerushalayim. Eating dairy food is also favoured during Shavuot. This week Hebrew sessions were all about fruit, vegetables and especially dairy! Across the School, Shavuot was celebrated on Thursday with craft activities …

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Year 7 Kabbalat Mitzvah

This week we celebrated our Bnei Mitzvah in style with students and families gathering for an evening that recognised these young people’s coming of age. The aim of this signature Jewish Life event in Year 7, Kabbalat Mitzvah (Receiving of the Commandment) is to provide opportunities to engage meaningfully and practically with what it means …

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Innovation and entrepreneurship – 2021 Business Breakfast

The King David Foundation hosted this week’s Business Breakfast, with the theme being innovation and entrepreneurship. Our school is acknowledged as a leader in this space, being recently honoured with an Innovative Schools Award by the Educator online magazine, recognised as “making a profound and exciting impact in education today” and also “a pioneer in …

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