Is this ‘it’?

“Is this it?” This is the creeping, disquieting question that has persistently bubbled to the surface over recent months as we have experienced the abhorrent rise in domestic antisemitism. I am not often prone to catastrophizing and logically I know that our community is resilient, strong and, by most measures, the envy of the Jewish

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A tribute to Vera

This week, we hosted the Rozkin family, past and current students, staff and community members in a truly moving memorial for our beloved teacher, Vera Rozkin, who passed away earlier this year. I would like to share with you the words that I delivered on both my and past principal Michele Bernshaw’s behalf. Vera Rozkin

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An open letter to CSG

In my family there has been a long lasting joke that is applied whenever someone complains about something no matter how trivial. The response passed down from my grandmother is “Write a letter!” This comes from a time before social media, when the primary channel of activism was to write to your Member of Parliament

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Bring them Home

It has now been almost a month since the dreadful terrorist attacks on Israel of October 7. At the time of writing, Hamas is still holding around 242 hostages captive in Gaza. The vast majority of these are civilians and the Israeli government believes that 138 of the hostages also hold foreign passports. The truth

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Uniting in the face of anti-semitism

“The most hurtful part of it all? Many of my outspoken, larger-than-life, stick-it-to-the-man, ally-to-the-minority mates – silent.” These are the words directed towards a non-Jewish readership in an article entitled ‘How it feels to be a Jewish Australian right now’ in the online journal Missing Perspectives by King David alumna, Hannah Cohen. Hannah exposes the double standard

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