As a thinking school, we challenge our students to Know and Understand both themselves and their place in the environment.

The King David School:

  • values the contributions of every member of the school community
  • provides an holistic educational approach developing excellence in academic pursuits, creativity, imagination and resilience.

We strive for outstanding educational programs and opportunities which are grounded in nurturing thinking and questioning. This is one of the Pillars within the School’s Strategic Framework and in order to achieve this, the School aims to:

  • ensure a learning environment which lights the flame for students to strive for academic excellence, and encourages engagement and a love of learning
  • provide a diversity of learning activities whereby each student is able to recognise and develop their personal abilities and strengths
  • embed a particular focus on excellent levels of achievement in the VCE.
  • emphasise the understanding of different learning styles and the different expressions of intelligence
  • promote programs relating to personal development, spiritual connectedness, and Jewish traditions.
  • offer a diverse spectrum of curricular and co-curricular opportunities which enhance the education and wellbeing of the ‘whole’ person.
  • recognise the importance of peak experiences within the spectrum of educational offerings.
  • embrace information and communication technology and use it to enhance learning processes.
  • provide opportunities to develop leadership skills at all levels.