Walkthrus - Pedagogical Toolkits

We have launched ‘Walkthrus’ at our Magid Campus. Walkthrus are a systemic classroom development framework.

 The Walkthrus program, developed by renowned UK based educators Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioli, is designed to enhance the quality of Teaching and Learning by providing structured, evidence-based strategies that teachers can implement in their classrooms.

Tom Sherrington started this program to simplify the application of complex teaching techniques, making them accessible and practical for everyday classroom use.

Staff have had extensive training in Walkthrus and participate in regular subject cohort meetings to share their Walkthrus experiences and tips.

Teacher Praachi engages in a checking for understanding walkthru with Year 10 students. She is holding the play Macbeth. The students are looking at her, engaged in conversation.

Key aspects of Walkthrus include breaking down complex teaching techniques into a manageable, five5-step process including, but not limited to: explanation, modeling, practice, feedback, and consolidation.

The program draws from extensive educational research, including cognitive science principles and best practice studies, ensuring that the strategies are both practical and  effective,  promoting consistent, high-quality instruction at The King David School.

Kathy Ross, Curriculum Coordinator at the Magid Campus confirms the “ultimate goal with the introduction of the Walkthrus program at King David is to embed best practice, evidence-based teaching and learning strategies within our school. By doing so, we aim to create an engaging, effective, and supportive learning environment for all our students.”

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