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Year 7 Puppet Shows

Year 7 Drama students were asked to script a puppet show based around a fairytale or myth of their choice. They were then asked to get creative around the house in the making of their puppets, sourcing crafts and objects to use for their puppets and set pieces. The performance phase also looked a little unusual online, with students recording their puppet shows, and even some special guest appearances from pets and parents. It was wonderful to see the unique and resourceful ideas the students brought to the task and the way they harnessed the powers of the online sphere, with some adding voiceover, text and audio to their final products.

To view the students’ recording, see below:

Eden Blumberg – Hansel and Gretel

Daniel Bass – The Halls of Light

Samuel Berek-Lewis – Jack and the Beanstalk

Eva Nathan-Valentine – Cinderella Kind Of

Phoebe Witts
Performing Arts