Year 7 Kabbalat Mitzvah

This week we celebrated our Bnei Mitzvah in style with students and families gathering for an evening that recognised these young people’s coming of age. The aim of this signature Jewish Life event in Year 7, Kabbalat Mitzvah (Receiving of the Commandment) is to provide opportunities to engage meaningfully and practically with what it means to be a custodian of Jewish tradition.

Wonderful reflections were given by three generations, Amielle Grinblat (Year 7 student), Sarah Hyman (Year 7 parent) and Ephraim Finch (Year 7 grandparent) about their connection to the mitzvah of Shabbat. Family activities related to Shabbat followed. This was a memorable event described by one parent as “a beautiful evening that nourished multi-generations in many ways”.

Jewish Life Team