Three Year 6 students are dressed as their chosen historical leaders. They are resenting information about the leaders.

Year 6 Changemakers – Living Museum

In a burst of enthusiasm and creativity, on Tuesday night our Year 6 students dazzled us with their ‘Changemakers Living Museum’ evening as part of our Human Rights and Activist unit. Picture this: an event brimming with vibrant energy, where students delved into the essence of being a changemaker—those inspiring individuals who ingeniously tackle societal challenges.

The excitement soared as each student embraced the persona of their chosen changemaker, unleashing a torrent of captivating research through lively slideshows and impassioned speeches. The presentations? Utterly and uniquely creative!

The showcase was reflected not just in their words but in their attire too. From the spirited Malala Yousafzai to the heroic Oskar Schindler and the dynamic Dylan Alcott, students adorned costumes that mirrored the spirit of their favorite changemakers and activists.

And the verdict on the evening? A resounding success! It served as a dynamic platform for our students to not only showcase their newfound knowledge but also articulate the profound impact activists have had on society—and the transformative effect on their own perspectives. An enriching experience for both students and parents, leaving us all buzzing with excitement!

Adam Black
Year 6 Level Coordinator