Year 5 camp adventure

On Year 5 camp we did some amazing things and I am going to share with you one of my favorite activities that we did! We were at Sunnystones camp with the whole grade, our amazing teachers plus Michelle, one of the workers at Sunnystones.

Michelle had explained to us that we would be going Geo-Caching! Michelle told us that we would get a box with different knick knacks and each of them had a different value. The aim of the game was to trade your knick knacks for the ones with the least value such as marbles. She then gave us navigators with a compass on them and we had to find the different geos.

We had to go into the woods in our groups and I was so scared that we would get lost. We ended up going with another group because we were so scared. I was surprised and proud of myself because I was the one who led us back to the start. All of us were so happy and relieved to be back but we still had a great time exploring nature.

I had such a great time on camp and I think that the Year 5s next year will have an absolute ball!

By Mali D.