A Year 4 student stands in front of her laptop and stop motion figures. She is making a stop motion film.

Year 4 Stop Motion productions

On Wednesday was the Stop Motion Expo in Year 4 classrooms. The students got to show off their actualising of their unit Habit of Mind: Creativity, Imagination and Innovation. Every student had built their own set, characters and props. In addition to this they had written a script for a short story, fit for Stop Motion.

The students worked with a partner – one filming and the other creating and directing the story. After this, they edited their own work with the principle: Less in more. This meant that at times a caption, some sound, a speech bubble or an opening screen was added, while celebrating the story, set and characters.

The Year 4 Stop Motion Expo was visited by David and Year 5 students.

Kaisu and Mr Stein

Year 4 Teachers