Year 2s examine how inventions have changed over time

On Tuesday this week, Year 2 students eagerly attended an excursion at Como house. This excursion was part of our unit of inquiry “inventions” where we are looking at past and present inventions and how the changes in technology have enhanced our world. They participated in a wide range of activities. The students enjoyed touring the mansion that was built 174 years ago and filled with many artifacts from that time period . This home was once inhabited by the Armitage family which included their 10 children. During this period of time, wealthy families often had many servants to assist in the household. The students undertook some of these servant duties including washing the dirty clothes and carrying trays of drinks to different rooms ensuring they didn’t spill anything. They participated in games that would have been popular in this time period including tug-of-war, egg and spoon races, croquet and quoits. A final activity involved solving the mystery of who broke the doll at the party. A great day was had by all with lots of exciting learning taking place.

Naomi and Romy