Welcome to our Israeli Madrichim

We are thrilled to welcome three remarkable Israeli Madrichim – Noya, Ron and Shahaf – to our school community this term. Their arrival has already left a significant impact as they passionately lead Jewish experiential and Hebrew classes as well as the Nitzan Kickstart program, enriching our understanding of Israel’s vibrant culture and history. With their valuable insights, they have fostered a deeper connection to Israel among students.

Throughout the term, Noya, Ron, and Shahaf will remain integral members of our school, sharing their knowledge and experiences with enthusiasm. They will spend time at the Junior School and the ELC, introducing our young learners to the wonders of Israel and weaving personal stories to create lasting connections.

Their presence has ignited a newfound enthusiasm for learning and embracing cultural diversity within our community. We extend our gratitude to these Madrichim for their dedication, and we eagerly anticipate the continued enrichment they bring to our school until the term’s end.

Yoel Benn

Coordinator Jewish Experiential Education (Sr)