A student is looking at their laptop, where they are exploring a virtual tour of the Vilna Ghetto in the 19th century.

Virtually Vilna

In Year 10 Jewish Studies students are looking at the dynamic and rich life of Jews in pre-Shoah (Holocaust) Europe. We have been exploring two case studies. One reflects the Jewish experience in Germany. This is done by reading the book, ‘The Happiest Man on Earth’ by Eddie Jaku. We have also been exploring the world of Vilna (now known as Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania).

This week the Year 10 students had the opportunity to take part in an online virtual tour of pre war Vilna. Students visited important locations such as the Great Synagogue, the Shulhoyf and the Strashun Library. Students appreciated getting a feel for the city and were impressed by the diversity of Jewish life in the city.

The tour which can be accessed via this link, is part of an online, interactive exhibition by the YIVO Institute, based on the autobiography of a young girl named Bebe Epstein. We look forward to continuing to provide opportunities that bring the Jewish past to life.

Feygi Phillips
Learning Area Leader of Hebrew and Jewish Studies MC