The Philosophy of Ownership

This week, our Year 1 Philosophers explored the concept of ownership.

Our young thinkers eagerly shared their opinions about what the responsibilities of caring for a pet would be. They launched into an engaging discussion, describing that pets would require someone to feed them, take them to a vet and provide them with love.

Our insightful Philosophers were also introduced to a fictional story about a guinea pig named Acorn, a class pet who was purchased by a teacher and cared for by each student. The story generated a fascinating discussion about the differing views of ownership.

Some interesting questions that were raised included:

• Can someone own a pet?
• Is the person who bought the pet the rightful owner or is it the person that cares for it?
• Can we own something if we don’t pay for it?

Using the thinking skill of comparison, some Year 1Philosophers were of the opinion that their parents own them as they provide them with love and support. Others believed that you can’t own anybody else and as individuals we the only thing we can own is our own actions.

Throughout our Community of Inquiry, Philosophers articulately expressed their beliefs and built upon each other’s ideas respectfully. During every Philosophy lesson, we seem to learn more and more about how these young minds think.

Adam Black
K-8 Philosophy Coordinator