Year 4 students drop an egg off the balcony of the mansion at our Dandenong Rd campus. They are learning about forces.

The great Year 4 Egg Drop

This week our Year 4 students conducted an egg drop experiment and it was a complete hit! 

Using their knowledge of competing forces, including gravity and air resistance, their task was to use a range of materials to build a safe house (with parachute) for their egg. They then dropped their eggs from a height. Could they protect their precious eggs from breaking? 

An ‘eggcellent’ outcome: Thanks to their resourcefulness, the application of their learning and strong collaboration, almost all their eggs survived the great balcony fall.

Key Takeaways:

1. Habits of Mind – thinking with wonderment and awe

2. Creativity – form and function

3. Teamwork and thinking interdependently

4. Learning from mistakes

The students found this experiment to be ‘eggstraordinarily’ fun! Well done Year 4!

Ben Stein and Kaisu Tonkyra