Growing our own vegetables in our Kibbutz garden

Towards the end of Term 2, our annual Jerusalem Artichoke harvest in the Kibbutz took place. These were planted many months ago and they grow underground, making them very difficult to find. The only clue the students have was to find a tall brown stem which looks dead. The Junior School students absolutely loved the artichoke hunt and they found an enormous number of ready to eat artichokes. They packed them into bags, included a sumptuous recipe for artichoke soup and then they created a frenetic market stall to sell them to the very eager buyers. The Jerusalem artichokes are very secretive and mysterious, especially because they are not from Jerusalem and they are not actually artichokes. Nevertheless, Junior School students just love Jerusalem Artichoke soup especially when you grow your own Jerusalem Artichokes!

David Opat
Vice-Principal Wellbeing and Head of Junior School