The Eddie Jaku Project – sharing happiness

King David students across the Junior and Senior schools are taking part in our ‘Eddie Jaku Happiness Project’, inspired by Eddie Jaku. Following Eddie’s insight that “happiness is the only thing in the world that doubles each time you share it”, students and their families are spreading happiness by doing something for others.

To view Eddie’s message to The King David School, click here

‘Here is what I learned. Happiness does not fall from the sky; it is in your hands. Happiness comes from inside yourself and from the people you love. And if you are healthy and happy, you are a millionaire. And happiness is the only thing in the world that doubles each time you share it. My wife doubles my happiness. My friendship with Kurt doubled my happiness. As for you, my new friend? I hope that your happiness doubles too.’ (Eddie Jaku)

Some shared happiness from our KDS community so far:

Ordered a Pure Boba via ubereats to be delivered to my friend as surprise as we miss going there together

Put together Rosh HaShanah gifts for 4 different families

Baked chocolate chips cookies for our neighbours

Made an extra pot of chicken soup and dropped it on a friend’s doorstep

Helped with a challah making Class

We look forward to seeing more acts of happiness spread through our community.