2015 It's Where I Jewish Values

We welcome families who celebrate their Judaism in all different ways. While being proud of our progressive Jewish history we do not teach one way of being Jewish. Rather, we pride ourselves in providing Jewish experiences to all of our students and focus on teaching students to make informed choices on how they would like to express their Judaism with what works in their family. We partner families in raising curious children who learn to question the world around them and their place in it.

Israel forms one of the centers of contemporary Jewish identity and our students are encouraged to engage in all facets of Israeli society. Students are given the opportunity to explore their beliefs, to confirm or develop what they already know, and to feel comfortable in a space with other students who may feel differently. At the heart of this process is the building of a community that values Jewish heritage, celebrates difference and cherishes the views of each its individuals.

Through formal Hebrew or Jewish Studies classes, in our celebrations of Shabbat, Chaggim and special days, Jewish learning is integrated throughout students’ educational journey. We empower our students through meaningful Jewish experiences to “L’havin u L’haskil” to “know and understand” what it means to be a Modern Thinking Jew.

Watch the video below for a taste of our vibrant Jewish Life program.