Students and Staff learn how we can help Afghanistan

KDS Students and staff joined Gideon Reisner from Stand Up for a lunchtime seminar to learn more information about the current situation in Afghanistan. Gideon placed the rise of the Taliban into historical context, starting with tensions between Great Britain and Russia in the 19th century. 

Gideon charted the interventions of Russia, Great Britain and the United States in Afghanistan, detailing in particular the conflict within the country since the Saur revolution in 1978. Students discussed the 43 years of conflict, and why nations have competing interests in the region.

Gideon ended the seminar urging people to contact their local MPs to support increasing the humanitarian cap for refugees from Afghanistan and in particular to help evacuate the Afghanis who assisted Australian troops in the country. 

We were reminded, “you are never powerless in a democracy”. 

Thank you to Kol Echad, the student representatives, and Yoel Benn for organising this session.