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Senior Kinder has Olympic fever!

This week the Senior Kinder cohort came together to participate in their very own Olympic Games. In the lead up to the special day, all children participated in a range of activities, learning about the history of the games, the sporting events and the special ceremonies. We made Olympic torches and salt dough medals, as well as watched lots of events on the big TV. We kept a medal tally to track Australia’s achievements and even celebrated in Hebrew class when Israel won a gold medal. Throughout this we emphasised the importance of always trying your best, and that even though it’s great to win medals, participating is the most important aspect of the Olympic spirit.

Each class divided themselves into countries, with six countries in total competing in a variety of sporting events. The children arrived for the day wearing their team colours and massive smiles on their faces. You could feel the excitement in the air as we prepared the children for their Olympic debut with face paint and name stickers. David Opat and Ezra Wibawa helped to open and officiate the games while Orly Zylberberg lit the Olympic flame with her homemade torch.

There were six Olympic events that each child participated in: a relay race, hurdles, swimming, archery, shot put and the newly official Olympic sport…. the egg and spoon race! The children were engaged and great sports as they cheered their fellow team mates along.

We returned to Kinder for our closing ceremony where we played each country’s national anthem as the patriotic athletes stood up. We handed out the medals and all children had a chance to stand on the winner’s podium.

The Senior Kinder Educational Team