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Scout Leader Training launches at Senior School

Students at the Senior School are very familiar with Scout, a Golden Retriever / Labrador cross who is part of our Senior School Wellbeing program.

A wellbeing dog can help with; empathy, kindness, respect, relationship building, behaviour, self-confidence, responsibility, control, anger, meltdowns, communication, lowering blood pressure, anxiety and much more!

Last week our Scout Leader Training began in earnest. Scout Leaders, chosen from the Senior School will ensure the continuation of his training, groom him, play with him and reward him via a roster of leaders at recess and lunch times.

In order to be chosen for our first group of people responsible for Scout at school, the students were required to put in a written application outlining why they wanted the job and they had to commit to working with Scout during one recess and one lunchtime per cycle.

Renee from Positive K9 Training taught our group of Years 6 & 7 students some of Scout’s commands. They had practical experiences in using them and learned how to get him to come, fetch, drop, walk closely on a lead etc. In March, the Years 8, 9 and 11’s will be trained.

Jayne Wise
Senior School Wellbeing Coordinator