Science Week at our ELC

This week is National Science Week where we got the opportunity to celebrate science and technology and encourage the children to become fascinated by the world we live in. Children are naturally equipped to learn through observation and investigations.  Developmentally, young children learn and understand best from what they can see, touch, feel and manipulate and they absolutely loved this week’s science experiments with the hands-on learning approach proving to be a raving success.

This week we learned through a new experiment every day. On Monday we invited Gan Rimon and Seorah to come make honeycomb with us. Inbal measured out all the ingredients carefully and mixed it all together over a flame while we projected it onto the TV so the children could see what was happening inside the pot without getting too close. When the honeycomb reached 120 degrees she showed us how to blow bubbles with the sugar syrup. When it was hot enough Inbal added in the bi carb and it started to explode out of the pot and we watched on with great excitement.

Tuesday we visited Amy and Crystal (her student teacher) and watched as they did a rainbow experiment. We put coloured food dye in every second jar, the others were empty and we watched over the next few days as the paper towels created a rainbow effect. We used our thinking heads to guess what colour red and yellow would make, yellow and blue and blue and red and watched closely as the blue became the quickest colour to spread. To extend the children’s learning with colour experimenting we’ve been using droppers and paper towels to create our own artwork this week.

On Wednesday we visited our little friends in Gan Teena and Lisa conducted a sink or float experiment with a lemon. First we smelt and felt the lemon and guessed if it would sink or float. It sunk! Then Lisa peeled off all the skin and we guessed if it would sink or float. How exciting when the lemon sunk but the skin floated!

The smoke experiment was was the highlight of the week. We had a special guest surprise guest come and showcase some low lying smoke! Daniel explained that he fills his machine up with water and the machine has these special buttons that shake the water so fast that it comes out as smoke, which stays close to the floor. We played musical statues with our Gan Seorah friends, freezing in the smoke was so much fun!

Rifka Ash

Kindergarten Teacher