ELC students have their back to the camera. They are reaching up and touching an interactive Science exhibit with levers.

Science comes alive for Gan Seorah

Our visit to Science Works this week was amazing and we had so much fun! When we arrived we went to the sports exhibition, where we delved into a variety of sports, immersing ourselves into each sport. We then went into another interactive exhibition where the children could explore the room and just have fun playing with all the science equipment.

The hands-on section offered interactive experiences, making Science come alive in a tangible way. The crowning moment was our visit to the planetarium, where we delved into the wonders of the galaxy, and saw what the night sky looks like in detail. We also saw planets and watched a presentation ‘Tycho goes to Mars.’

We created lasting memories of a day filled with discovery and excitement. Thankyou to our helpers, Elie, Anna, Yvonne and Dione.

Amy Abrahams
Kindergarten Teacher