Students look at the camera, smiling. They are behind a table filled with second hand clothes. They are at a ReGen Market to promote sustainability.

Regen Week!

Regen Week comes back with a bang for its second year with creative and fun activities to raise awareness and celebrate sustainability, all led by a passionate group of Year 11 students. Regen Week is one full week of exciting and relevant activities to show how we can make small adjustments in our lives or how we can affect the culture around us to try to combat climate change.

We started the week with a Kesher launch, in which the activities and events were outlined, with a reminder that there will be a fun quiz to be done every morning this week!! Monday lunchtime we had our very first activity which was a Judaism and nature collaboration which manifested into decorating in our in school Sukkah. This was an opportunity for the students to meet and interact with the new 5784 Hanhagah and make beautiful paper chains. There was also a free lemon cordial!

Tuesday started off early with the Ride 2 School. The ride to school is an initiative to encourage Magid Campus students to take public transport, ride a bike, walk or another form of getting to school that helps lower our carbon emissions for one day! Those that participated in the Ride 2 School got a delicious breakfast of bagels, rugelach and cereal!

On Thursday we had a whole school assembly that involved a panel of young activists! This panel includes Luci Nicholson, Ash Densham and our very own Ella Simons! This panel discussed how they got into climate activism and how we can be changemakers in our very own lives.

Friday is the moment we had all been waiting for; the Second Hand Market!! Throughout the week, the students have been bringing in previously loved clothes to be sold in a King David style market; everyone gets something! This aims to highlight how small actions, such as purchasing or donating old clothes can really make a difference!

Throughout the week there have been some valuable and fun educational sessions run by the fantastic teachers at the School to help foster curiosity and questions surrounding climate action, sustainability and how we can make small changes in our daily lives to be more environmentally conscious.

Regen Week was once again a hit, thanks to the Regen Week committee of Mia Bentata, Trixie Burstin – Irwin, Leah Kogan, Livia Lazarow, Debbie Pastor, Reagan Perlstein and Ella Simons and Alissa Breiman and Adi Zayon mentoring these students across the whole journey.