A group of Year 2 students are singing in Hebrew at the Prep-Year 3 Hebrew Assembly and T'filah. They are wearing school uniform.

Prep to Year 3 showcase Hebrew

Throughout the past year, the Junior School has been immersed in the excitement and busyness of studying Hebrew. In the final term, students from Prep to Year 3 collaboratively engaged in active practice for a special performance featured during Monday’s T’filah. 

The Prep students showcased their morning song, while joining forces with the Year 1 students to demonstrate the various letters of the Alef-Bet. They also illustrated their proficiency in reading with Hebrew vowels. Additionally, the Year 1 students serenaded us with a charming song about family. Year 2 brought vibrant energy to the stage with birthday songs, aligning with the ‘Birthday’ theme of the semester. Having concluded their exploration of the topic, Year 3 captivated the audience with a lively dance and song performance set to a birthday song by an Israeli band from the 1999 Eurovision.

As we approach the break, the entire Hebrew team extends warm wishes for a restful holiday, eagerly anticipating the reunion with all students in the upcoming school year.

The Hebrew Team
Dandenong Road Campus