Positive growth mindsets in the ELC

ELC educators and families have demonstrated a fabulous positive growth mindset as everyone has adapted to the distance learning opportunities.

The ELC educating team planned and successfully delivered a remote program that supported the learning that has already occurred in the classrooms so far this term. Senior Kinder focused on the affirmations “I am Helpful” and “I choose my attitude” and the children were encouraged during live morning meetings as well as through video content, to incorporate acts of kindness into their daily interactions with family. Teachers were thrilled to receive emails and stories about the acts of kindness the children did, ranging from making their beds to delivering cards and chocolates to workers at their local shops. Their actions were well received and the joy shared was palpable. In Pre-Kinder and Junior Kinder the experiences ranged from Australian Animals, pets, mindful thinking, learning about the brain, friendships and feelings.

On site, educators have been taking turns to continue ELC programs with children of permitted workers. Working collaboratively as a cohesive team, the educating team have ensured that the same experiences are being presented to children whether they are attending on-site or at home. The children attending Senior Kinder decided to rename their class as it is now an amalgamation of Gan Seorah, Tamar and Rimon. They shall now be known during this lock down time as “Gan Ooga Booga”! The highlight of their first few weeks was writing and sending letters and pictures to their friends.

Laura Pearce
Kindergarten Educational Leader