Two Junior School students are drawing indigenous plants, copying their shape and colour from plants on the desk. They are learning about First Nations use of plants as part of Reconciliation Week.

National Reconciliation Week at School

It’s National Reconciliation Week and our students from ELC to VCE have been engaging in meaningful activities. In our Kindergarten students have learned Boonwurrung words, the symbolism of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island flags, and stories from the Dreaming.

At the Junior School, students have been engaging in activities that celebrate First Nations culture. A special Lunchtime Art Club was held on Wednesday where students learned about native plants and their uses and then created a still life drawing from a selection of plants. Year 4 students and their Prep buddies explored Indigenous seasons together. Throughout the week, each year level engaged with books with Indigenous themes, stories, and viewpoints.

At the Magid Campus, students have been discussing different aspects of Reconciliation in their Kesher classes, held a bake sale raising money for Children’s Ground, engaged with the special library display, and today will attend a special documentary screening at lunch time. There will be a formal watched Reconcilation Week assembly on Monday.