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Matanot l’evyonim & C-Care

In a school-wide effort to fulfil the Purim mitzvah (commandment) of providing gifts for the needy (matanot l’evyonim), students were asked to bring a designated year-level item to donate to C-Care, an organisation providing relief to needy families in the Jewish community. From students in the ELC bringing tinned tomatoes to Year 12 students bringing long-life milk, with contributions of oats, sugar, toiletries and more in between, it was indeed a communal effort to fill boxes and boxes of goods. As part of their day during Purim, Year 7 students sorted these items and heard from Dalia Gross about the work of C-Care. We thank all the School families for their generosity in providing a small gift for those less fortunate at times of joy.

Sidra Moshinsky
Director of Jewish Life and Learning