‘Making the Ordinary… EXTRAordinary’

The Year 4s have had a busy start to Term Two! They’ve explored poetry and even attempted to co-construct a definition of what a poem is.

Mika’s definition was appreciated by all (and even sparked a debate as to whether her definition was a poem in itself!):
Some poems are scary. Some are beautiful.
There are even some that make you wonder.
Poems can confuse people and some can change people’s feelings.
Poems are what I call magic.
I don’t mind what you call them though!

The students then spent time crafting their own. The objective was to make an ordinary object come to life through the use of personification… or simply, ‘Making the Ordinary… EXTRAordinary’.
This was not an easy task and required our students to make clever verb choices and comparisons.

Here are just a few lines from our wonderful poets.

Mouth zipped,
eats items.
Opens easily,
Hums, as it opens and closes.
Remy – Pencil Case
Two sharp knives,
ready to attack,
he shreds the lives of hundreds in half.
Omer – Scissors
it sleeps.
to bite
it’s fangs
into paper.
Max– Stapler
they brighten up the room.
they dream.
Amira – The Classroom Lights