Two ELC students are squeezing yellow lemons using a green squeezer. They are concentrating. They are making limonana

Learning ‘tzahov’ through Limonana

This week in the Junior Kinder, we focused on learning the colour ‘tzahov’ (Yellow). We talked about the ‘stav’ (Autumn) and falling leaves that change their colour from green to tzahov. We even went on a nature walk to look and collect the falling leaves in our garden.

We also discussed all the foods that are ‘tzahov’ and as most of the children answered “lemon’ (‘limon’ in Hebrew), we decided to make our own Limonana with mint. 

The children each had a turn to squeeze the lemons, stir in the sugar and water and add some fresh mint leaves. The children enjoyed tasting the Limonana and sharing if they found it sweet or sour.

Either way it was yummy!

Shiri Peres

Hebrew Teacher