A student wears a King David School Kippah. He is covering his eyes with his hand and holding a new Siddur made for him

Kabbalat Siddur Joy

…imrei fi v’hegyon libi…

These words towards the end of the Amidah, perhaps encapsulate the essence of t’filah: “the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart”. This week our Year 3 students warmly welcomed their families to join in their t’filah and learning as they received their new “grown-up” siddurim. 

The students spoke about the meaning of each prayer and collaborated with their guests in creating idea boards in response to t’filah-related conversation prompts. Each student proudly grasped their precious new siddur; words of old, encased with their individualised covers and loving inscriptions. A combination of language and heartfelt thoughts that expresses their unique individuality and their families’ dreams for their future.

Kol haKavod to our wonderful Year 3 Jewish Studies teachers, Rachel Ben-Atar and Kim Fulop on a meaningful and uplifting experience. A huge yashar koach to our shining Shichvat Or!

Louise Lowinger

Coordinator of Jewish Life & Learning K-5