Junior School students learn to make shmurah matzah

Learning is experience. Everything else is just information Albert Einstein

In the lead up to Pesach, Junior school students are getting their hands dirty with avoda kashah, hard work! Prep, Year 2 and 5 students are enjoying incursions by the Matzah Factory and relishing in the opportunity to bake their own shmurah matzah, a hand-made, ‘guarded’ matzah. Rabbi Yossi set the students to task grinding the wheat kernels into a fine flour before starting the clock in the 18-minute countdown to preparing the dough, rolling and baking this unleavened bread of affliction.

Jewish communities around the world share in the mitzvah of consuming matzah over the eight days of Pesach. In an experiential nod to our ancestors, we refrain from eating chametz, leavened foods. Instead, we savour the taste of our freedom-meal as the Jewish people hastily left their lives of slavery in Mitzrayim and ventured into the midbar, the dessert, as free people.

Chag Pesach kasher v’sameach!

Louise Lowinger
Coordinator of Jewish Life & Learning K-5