Junior Kinder asks ‘R U OK?’

R U OK? Day is dedicated to inspiring and empowering everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them by asking the simple question “Are you OK?”

It’s a day to remind us to offer support in an event that others are struggling, especially during these uncertain times.

Gan Gefen and Gan Zayit students participated in activities encouraging kindness, empathy and love. Together we watched Yelena’s puppet show about our emotions, discussed the importance of checking in with your friends, read a book about kindness, did drawings about feelings and decorated cupcakes to share with our friends. We also did mindfulness to teach the children how to reach the relaxation response and self-soothing mechanisms. 

We also engaged children in discussions about how to be a good friend and check if someone is feeling OK. We  discussed the importance of looking after yourself and what that means emotionally and physically. Throughout our discussions, the children made connections to their own life experiences and situations which they have been in before.

Jen Duband and Navah Macmull
Early Childhood Teachers