Year 7 Debating

Interschool DAV Competition

This week the KDS Junior Team 3 debated Wesley College in the DAV debating Round 2. 1st speaker was Eli Boymal (Yr8), 2nd speaker Dean Waterson (Yr7) and 3rd speaker Jess Branicki (Yr8).

King David School were the affirmative team arguing ‘That we prefer children playing team sports to individual sports’. Speakers on both sides argued convincingly. It was very close, with the adjudicator leaving us waiting for some time, with the final result, the negative team (Wesley) winning by 3 points.

Well done to Teams 1 and 2 who won their debates against Melbourne Girls Grammar School and Wesley College respectively. I understand these debates were very close too.

Team 1 was the Year 7 team (second consecutive win for Year 7s)- speakers in order were Zac Yates, Eden Cantoni-Bud and Lennox Burstin-Irwin.

Team 2 were Year 8s- speakers (in order) Hugo Black, Gaby Polkinghorne-Katz and Ariel Montgomery.

Well done!

Kol Hakavod to all speakers and all students registered in the DAV competition who supported the speakers (helping to write arguments and rebuttals and listening to their ideas, meeting every lunchtime over Goolemeet last week).

We look forward to Round 3, which will be rescheduled for us as it is due to be held over Rosh HaShanah.

Tammy Klaf

Year 8 Level Coordinator


I had the privilege of attending the Year 11 ‘secret topic’ debate last Wednesday against Mount Scopus Memorial College.  

Our Year 11 team, consisting of Charley Cowen, Alex Cowen and Tobi Taranto, were given one hour to prepare the negative side on the topic: ‘We regret the prominence of celebrities in social justice movements.’

The speeches were exhilarating and the debate a close one with King David announced the winners by a close margin.  Best speaker went to second negative: Alex Cowen.  All speakers benefited from the excellent feedback provided by adjudicator Ben Solomon.

A big thanks to all students for their ongoing commitment and to Praachi and Tammy for coaching the senior and junior teams in the DAV competition.  

Julie Shields

English Learning Area Leader Yrs 6-12