Inaugural Prep Job Expo

The Prep students were excited to welcome parents and family members to present at our inaugural Prep Job Expo last week. Our visitors discussed the jobs they did and the contributions they made to the community.

The Prep children have been learning this term about what a community is and the many communities they belong to: the King David community, the Jewish community, the Prep community, our family communities and the many sports and arts clubs that they are involved in. As the children have learned more about themselves as community members and the roles and responsibilities in our larger Melbourne community, they have explored the following big concepts:

• What makes up a community
• Belonging to Different Communities
• People Who Help Us in the Community

Our parents and family members were invited to come along with any artefacts relevant to their profession and the Preps brainstormed a series of questions to ask the presenters including:

What is your job? What is your job called?
What is the most favourite part of your job?
What do you do every day?
Where do you go to work?
How long do you work for each day?
How many days a week do you work?
When do you think you might retire?

We were so fortunate to have such a wide variety of professions represented at the expo including vets, doctors, interior designers, lawyers, learning developers, builders, mothers, psychologists, merchandisers, musicians and many more important roles within our community.

This was an invaluable forum for our Prep students to relate their learning to real life, ask questions and engage with their families to make connections to the part we all play in building our community.

We would like to thank the Prep family members who generously donated their time to create such an important and engaging learning opportunity for our students.

Lisa Naylor & Beck Fiala
Junior School Teachers