Four ELC students pose with their scooters. They are wearing helmuts and are excited about being able to scoot

Gan Zayit Scoot away!

Gan Zayit’s scooter/bike riding this week was so much fun and everyone was so excited!

Before we went, we spoke about a few rules and shared our preconceived thoughts. Then afterwards, we reflected and shared our thoughts again, talking about What Went Well (WWW). 

One of the most important parts of child development is play and being active. Children are naturally very active and it’s important that they use this energy moving, learning, discovering and having fun.

Scootering and bike riding are great activities to do this. It is important for children to participate and learn these skills as it helps develop their gross motor and fine motor domains. Especially as the children learn to use their legs and arms independently, which then enhances their balance and coordination.

This ultimately will also help with drawing and writing as the children mature, as efficient control of the larger muscle groups in the neck, shoulder and trunk is necessary to maintain stability in order for the fingers and hands to move to complete drawings and handwriting tasks. The gross motor skills involved in handwriting are mainly referred to as the postural control area.

Jen Duband

Kindergarten Teacher