Students performing chemistry experiment

Future Fuel Choices

Students in VCE Chemistry 1/2 have been conducting project-based learning on fuel choices for future transport.

This has involved measuring energy content in fuels using bomb Calorimetry, creating Galvanic Cells and exploring alternatives such as hydrogen fuel cells.

“So they taught us wrong” said Tobi Taranto as he realised that the density water is 0.997 g per mL. 

Raph Bush created a presentation informing car manufacturers of the benefits of electric powered cars, justifying the choice with scientific understanding.

“That’s a lot of Joules of energy”, exclaimed Mia Wald as she calculated the energy output of Prop-1-ol using the equation Q=mc^t 

Fuel choices are important in our quest to reduce climate change through limiting Carbon footprints. 

Dipesh Vadher
Science Learning Area Leader & Sr School Teacher