From Idea to App in Year 8 Coding

In Semester 1, Year 8 Coding students developed the foundation for mobile app development for iOS, Android and Web apps. Students created a portfolio of apps including a language translator app, image recognition app, choose your own adventure app and a to-do list app.

All students then completed an “Idea to App” project to identify and research an app idea, generate designs and mock-ups and then code their own app concept to a working prototype stage.

A range of different projects were completed including:

• Eli Boymal’s “Product Finder” app, used to barcode scan products and search for the cheapest product prices
• Jamie Gostin’s “THiSCORD” app – a cross-platform bluetooth messenger app
• Dylan Padowitz developed “Trivio”, a location based quiz using photos
• Tom Sandler developed “Game Fitter”, a database app to help you find new games based on favourite genres
• Adam Nahamkes created “RandoPass”, an app which creates randomised passwords.
• Eden Blumberg created “Sketch” – a fun drawing and colouring app targeted for 3-7 year old students

At the conclusion of the semeste,r students participated in the “Student Choice Awards” with 77% of student voting selecting Eden’s “Sketch” app as the Best App Overall. Congratulations to all students who developed and showcased their innovative ideas through the development of their apps.

Heath McGregor
MERIT Coordinator