Principal Marc Light is with two Prep students. They are facing the camera and looking down at a game they are playing. They are at their first day of school - building a love of learning and strong Jewish identity.

Firsts and Lasts

The day before everyone returned to school for the year was particularly special for our brand new Prep students and our incoming Year 12 students. Our excited Preppies were finally able to put on their brand new school uniform for their Prep Orientation.

The Preps spent time in their classrooms playing, drawing and listening to The Rainbow Fish story before heading out in search of fish scales “lost” around the School to learn about the locations they’ll be learning and playing in this year.

Our Year 12 cohort had their ‘last first day’ of school with an orientation session packed with study skills advice and inspiration. Our Principal, Marc Light, reminded students that success is about being their best selves. This year is not just about VCE results, it’s about growing as young people and taking advantage of all the opportunities and resources available at our wonderful school. Throughout this year, students should draw on each other for support, and importantly, on all the staff who are here to ensure their success. 

Welcome Preppies and welcome back for the last time, Year 12s!