Dr Sebben has bright red hair. She is at the front of the class waiving her hands as she excitedly talks water science to our Year 2 students

Dr Sebben shares her science savvy with Year 2

This week Dr Megan Sebben from the CSIRO spoke to our burgeoning scientists in Year 2 who have been learning about the water cycle. Dr Sebben is currently an advisor to ‘kick start’ companies and she has particular expertise in the field of groundwater. Our Year 2 students were bursting with questions for Dr Megan, including, ‘why is the sea salty’, ‘where did water originally come from?’ and ‘can we make water ourselves?’

Dr Megan shared the link between the Grand Canyon and Mars, explained why we float in the Dead Sea, that hot water weighs less than cold, and why rain water is acidic. Dr Megan let students know that many scientists work outside in nature rather than in laboratories.  

Dr Megan said that the most important characteristic a scientist can have is curiosity, which our Year 2 students have in spades.

Thank you Dr Megan Sebben for visiting us, and to Debbie Arnheim for organising this rich session.