Five students are smiling at the camera. They are standing behind their model of a future sustainable city called Sea City.

Developing brilliant future cities

hroughout this semester of Year 7 Humanities, students worked very hard tackling the difficult problem of climate change and how our cities can be designed to sustainably manage the needs of a growing population while reducing our carbon footprint.

In groups, students researched, designed and built models of sustainable cities of the future. Each city had to incorporate zero-emissions solutions across four key sectors: Energy, Transportation, Housing/Infrastructure and Agriculture. At their Exhibition on Friday, the cohort shared their ideas with the school community and their enthusiasm and knowledge was evident to all who were in attendance. 

A big congratulations to the winners of the competition, ‘Sea City’, pictured above, who worked tirelessly throughout the process to develop a brilliant Future City. 

Kol Hakavod!

Adi Zayon
Creativity & Innovation Coordinator