Derech Eretz Scholarship – Additional Information

External students are invited to apply for a Derech Eretz Scholarship.

The successful applicant must have exhibited an interest in community activities, usually through participation in community groups or community service; a positive attitude to learning and the ability to achieve a satisfactory academic level; be able and willing to enthusiastically participate in the life of the School and to demonstrate that they would benefit from the opportunity that a KDS education would provide.
Whilst the Scholarship is not necessarily dependent on excellence in any particular field, an enthusiastic attitude to academic pursuits, would be expected.

Derech Eretz can be described as one who consistently demonstrates common decency, or high emotional and interpersonal intelligence.

Are you eligible to apply?

Selection will take into account:

  • completion of Edutest testing (a link will be provided to you once you have completed The King David School online registration). $100 Edutest registration fee applies
  • completion of KDS application and submitted requested documents
  • review of school reports
  • interview with our Principal.

Derech Eretz Scholarships cover a percentage of the tuition fees and do not cover:

  • the cost of books, stationery or uniforms
  • discretionary charges such as overseas trips
  • security charges
  • associated charges
Special Conditions

Derech Eretz Scholarship recipients are expected to:

  • maintain a high standard of academic achievement
  • contribute positively and enthusiastically to School life
  • progress and contribution to School life is reviewed annually.

A Scholarship may be withdrawn if the Principal is not satisfied with the diligence or conduct of the recipient. Failure to pay fees may also lead to withdrawal.

All applicants must submit an online Scholarship application made directly to The King David School as well as an application directly to Edutest. 

Applications close on Friday 11 February 2022 and the Scholarship exam is on Sunday 20 February 2022.

Once the Admissions Department has received your application, you will be invited to attend an interview with our Principal, Marc Light.