Three students smile at the camera - they have just won debating against rival school Mt Scopus

Debating victory

King David VS Scopus. Wednesday. 8pm. June 21, 2023. This was a battle of ages, between two rival Jewish schools. The negative team, consisting of KDS students, was made up of Sophia B, Ebony L, and Zac Y. The debate began with a heated argument from the first Scopus speaker. However, Sophia was up next, armed with rebuttals. We persevered, rebutting and presenting our reasoning behind why we think the Australian retirement age should not be raised, and finally, with a dramatic reveal, we won!

The debate was certainly an interesting experience, as we were against people we already knew quite well, but it made the sportsmanship even better. Plus, it was Ebony’s very first debate, and she was chosen as Best Speaker, with a strong score of 75! Overall, debating is such a wonderful thing to be a part of. We’ve all gained writing skills, research skills, teamwork skills, and also learnt how to speak publicly, as well as think on our feet.

by Sophia and Ebony