A Junior School student is dressed as Moshe when he was a shepherd. He is standing in front of a burning bush made of orange and yellow cellophane. He is about to hear God's voice.

Dayenu! Our delightful ELC S’darim

It’s that wonderful time of the year again – Nisan – when we get to join b’yachad (together) to celebrate being b’nai chorin (free people) at our Pesach s’darim.

Parents, grandparents and special friends joined our Prep to Year 2 students at each of their s’darim, and our Years 3 – 5 students loved being together as a cohort at their special ‘senior’ seder. 

Each seder was filled with song, actions, and of course yein (well, grape juice) as our students acted out the maggid (story) of moving from Avadim (slaves) to free people and tasted tears, bitterness, and then joy on our seder plates. A highlight of course was the epic Afikoman search, followed by more singing and dancing as the seder ended. Our students are more than ready to help lead your S’darim next week!