Marc Light and students light memorial candles for Yom HaZikaron. They stand next to photos of soldiers who have died in the recent war. They are solemn.

Commemorating Yom HaZikaron together

On Yom HaZikaron, Magid Campus staff and students gathered together to remember the 25,033 fallen Israeli soldiers. This year’s commemoration concentrated particularly on victims of October 7 and IDF losses in the ensuing war against Hamas in Gaza.

Prayers were read, the Israeli flag was lowered to half-mast, candles were lit and a wreath was laid. 

Along with poetry readings, the Nana band played two Israelis songs, and Year 12 student Shani Jachimowicz shared the story of her family from Kfar Azza, on the boundary with the Gaza Strip, from that terrible day.

We were privileged to have lone soldier Issy Burke, who moved from Canada to Israel to serve in the IDF, read one of the prayers, and speak to some of our students about her story at recess immediately following the assembly. We thank the United Israel Appeal for sponsoring her visit.

At lunchtime, staff and students had the opportunity to reflect on October 7 and the war, 220 days later.

Thank you to our Hebrew teachers Hani, Sagit and Keren, who worked tirelessly on preparing this commemoration.